Buying a health insurance? Here’s what to look for

Life is quite unpredictable and your health can fall prey to illness at any point of time. Young people take things lightly but you may never know about unexpected critical illness or meet an accident anytime. If you don’t have sufficient financial back-up you might have to borrow money at an extremely high rate of interest or keep property mortgage. Therefore, a health plan has to be in proper place.

Health insurances are one of most definite necessities of today’s time because of the escalating costs attached to doctor’s bills and hospitals treatments. A simple surgery might costs in lakhs due to hospitalization, doctor fees, ambulance, medical treatment and more.  A sudden illness might already take a toll on your health and interrupt your rhythm of life which becomes traumatic enough for you and your family. That is why a proper health policy will not only help you to combat the financial burden but also helps you to stay mentally fit to recover well.

Health insurance concept is quite new in India but due to the benefits associated especially cashless treatment or reimbursement facilities it is quickly taking root and there is a wide network to support it. These plans are generally affordable and different from insurance policies because of the claim benefits at the necessary point of time in your life. Plans have to be renewed on yearly basis. There are several options for medical plans in the insurance markets. You can always take your time to understand the policy as well as the fine print. Some factors need to be considered when you are looking for health insurance in India.

When you’re choosing a health plan, there is no such thing as good or bad health plan. Online comparison sites are one of the best mediums to shop around for your policy. Before purchase you can compare them in terms of benefits & features, discounts, claim settlement ratio, premium payments and more. When you buy a policy, make sure to understand what the premium buys for you. If the premium is high but benefits are not covered it is pointless. So don’t get stuck on premium rates like low or high and decide your policy. Instead compare apple-to-apple of your policy, requisite benefits, and premium rates and then go for policy purchase. Be clear about what you’re looking for cover on cost. You should be able to afford basic doctor visits, dental bills and medicines on your policy.

Your family needs are important too. There is a family floater health insurance plan that will cater to your family needs under single premium. In case, your parents are too old and already facing any health issue opt for senior citizen health plans. Such policies will definitely be worth it in the long run for your family financials. While doing this, look at the terms of renewal as well. The basic aim of the policy would be taking it till you are alive. So try to find products that will continue over your lifetime.

There are around 25+ general insurance companies that cater hundreds of customized medical insurance products for consumers across India. You can visit the branch, call up agents or customer service, or compare policies online and buy a suitable health insurance plan that will cater you & your family needs during medical emergencies.