An efficient medium in Health Insurance Sector: Customer Service

With ever inflationary rates the medical costs are increasing tremendously in the country. Hospitalization and treatment can incur huge medical expenses at times of critical illness or incidences. This will not only break you down financially but also emotional sometimes. It is therefore advisable that buying a suitable health insurance plan will add a value to your financial stability, making it a must for people of all ages and professions in today’s complex times. Well the market is full of opportunities and expectation. While it’s an opportunity for customers to secure the future of them and their loved ones in case of any uncertainties health issues in life on one side, it’s the expectation of these valued customers in term of treatment and guidance that they receive in this highly complex industry on the other side. We all know “Customer is King” and we have to give them a royal treatment every time they approach to us.

Today, retaining existing customers and identification of new prospective customers can be a daunting, expensive and tough task for any organization. The same applies to insurance sector as well. Especially, in this day and age where cut-throat competition is widely prevalent and quest for excellence exists, importance of customer care cannot be ignored. A good customer care service can give small companies an edge over their market competitors. Great customer care services can do wonders for the business.

The article guides you through some of the ways companies should deal with their customers in health insurance sector to gain the winning edge over their competitors.

There are several types of insurances in the world pertaining to your needs such as car, travelling, house, fire safety, life etc. But the most critical insurance that we sell in day-to-day life is health insurance. The reason is simple “Health is Wealth” so when a customer approaches an insurance company to insure the wealth of his or her live obviously they are most concerned and curious towards it compared to any other insurance. Therefore, it becomes imperative for any health insurance company to give a sound and happy customer service feeling beyond business. It gives customer a sense of satisfaction in their minds towards the insurance and company.
Some of the ways you can relation with health insurance customer are as follows:
Each company should possess measurable standards of healthcare services being offered to a prospective customer. Make sure that customer care staff works towards achieving the desired goal. Give adequate training to the employees including managers on fine aspect such as their approach towards customers, patience during crisis, presentation etc. Simply remind the staff to put themselves in the customer’s shoes so as to understand the critically of their concerns.

Customers are like babies who need to be addressed time to time. Be proactive and try to communicate – by newsletter, telephone, e-mail or questionnaire, at point of sale or delivery or as a post-sales follow-up etc. Every customer likes proactive and communicating companies. They feel happy and concerned about them.

Encourage employees to use their initiative and innovative ideas. Let the rest of the business know when something has worked well or otherwise. Remember experimentation works for the betterment of a company. Encourage staff to record customer feedback which is considered as valuable aspect for any business which often helps to improve the services of the company

Remember a satisfied customer will always spread the word of satisfaction amongst three or four people in the society, so try to be polite and a solution provider to the customer. Learn to deal calmly and cautiously with complaint it works wonder for a company to bounce back with reputation.
Always check that there is a proper system, procedures and processes of dealing with customer complaints. All the employees in the health insurance company should be made aware about the processes.
Customer care initiative should start from the top-level management and thereafter percolate to the root level of the company, “THE EMPLOYEE”