Health insurance segment yet to be tapped upon…

We live in the world filled with uncertainties. Sometimes a seemingly small ailment can turn into a major dent in our life. Within fraction of seconds your life can come to a standstill if you’re involved in a major road traffic accident. Situation can turn bad to worse if the earning member of your family is hospitalized! Well the problems are many but the path is one to overcome them. Buying a suitable health policy for you and your family will help you overcome these problems and offer some security!

India with a population of around 1.2 billion offers a huge potential in health insurance market. To get rid of health worries health or medical insurance is the answer. Many old citizens of which one of them must be your parents have worked hard all their lives and contributed to the development of the nation and the community. Mostly ignored and sometimes shunned by the younger community but there is much to learn from them. Some continue to be productive and work in various capacities. Most organizations and universities entertain this skilled manpower up to the age of 65 to 70 years.
There are over 35 insurance companies comprising both life and non-life insurers (general insurance) sectors. Health care costs have risen considerably during the past few years. It has gone beyond the reach of common man thus making more sense to buy health insurance policies. Poor quality of service is rendered to the citizen by government hospitals while private medicare has become highly expensive. Therefore, it is mandatory for a middle class person to seriously consider the option of health insurance. Today, a major surgical operation of the heart may cost anywhere between two to three lakhs. Not many individuals can afford to spend out this amount in a short and sudden situation. Even if they have insurance that is reimbursable under their Mediclaim plans the strain on the family can be immense. The option of cashless hospitalization becomes attractive under these circumstances.
Health insurance is an agreement between two parties i.e. insured and insurer under which insurer agrees to pay for medical treatment in case of any health issue for a fixed sum which is paid by insured to the insurer. Health insurance policies are provided by almost every insurance company and it can be bought through various methods. It can be bought through traditional channels through agents else it can be bought online via internet.

The entry of private players has stirred fierce competition amongst the companies, ultimately benefiting the consumers who are offered with better coverage and facilities. The arrival of foreign and private players into the life and general insurance sector has directly resulted in the huge development of insurance market including significant increase in medi-claim insurances. With massive Indian middle-class section, India looks promising and attractive for business opportunities to international players in this field.

The insurance business professionals strongly say that the limitless Indian medical insurance market has not been fully tapped so far due to lack of awareness among the public about the importance of health policy. Also there is lack of rightly targeted policies from the companies. An appropriate policy and cohesive approach will rope in more than few million customers into the health insurance segment.